Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Geez, what's happened?

Well, I'm still a dreadlocked lady person, and it's almost 5 years now!!! The 27th of August will be 5 years. My locks are getting pretty long now, and i have a job that requires me to wear a hair net.. But wait, there's more.. These hair nets are TINY! I have to put on like THREE which the cheap bastards make us pay for.. Well, it's OK, they are just 0.02 a piece, so.. But I'm totally cheap. LoL!

I've been using Suave Humicant shampoo and conditioner. It's totally cheap and works well, PLUS It smells great. :p Wonderful..

Ugh, I'm pressed for time, so this is gonna be so damn brief it's rediculous.

Ummm.. NO kiddies yet. I'm back to not preventing, and it may be that way until I'm just old and barren. Sure I still want a Mini Angel, but I guess it may just not be meant to be. Ugh... The BRIEFNESS!!!!!!!

I'm still smokefree! 8 months and counting. Wonderful.. Wonder when the smoking dreams go away. Weed is not included in my quit, however.. HOWEVER, I'm not smoked the chronic in quite some years. LoL! But if I could get it, I'd be all over that.. :p

Well that's all for now. Gotta go. :D


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