Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Changing Dream!!!

OK, not TOTALLY, but it was pretty powerful.

The dream began as watching a movie about a woman, her son, and husband. Well, for some reason, the dad was trying to kill the kid!! Well SOME how, the dream became about ME and some mystery guy in a red and white old pickup truck. I ran and ran, but he was always there. Finally he was at my house!! I got my "kid" out and we RAN! Screaming for help, but for some reason, no one could help me.

Finally some older men came out to help. As we walked away, the killer came out ofthe house with a gun intending to kill me. Why?!!! Well turns out I'd bought his old house that he'd gotten foreclosed on and he was very upset when they took it from him. All well and good, but now he was gonna kill ME! So I was running. Running and he was going to shoot me in the back. Suddenly the men told me to "Stop running!" I was like "WHAT! He's gonna kill me!!"

They said "Trust God to help you. Just pray... And believe. "

Wellit took some doing, but I did it. And the man stopped. And broke down into tears. I went back and had to hug him. And we both just CRIED. Faith had saved me. And him also.

I was so moved, I woke up crying!! That has never happened before.

So I say that to say this. If worries and fear has you running and getting nowhere, stop. Pray. And have faith. Let a higher power handle it. :)


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