Saturday, September 13, 2014


Today, I'm really rambling so bear with me if you can. LoL! 

  I was driving to work this morning and got to thinking. Well, actually I've had this thought many times before. 

  I wonder how do insects see us? Like the creepy crawlies. Roaches and what not. I mean, they are only toe height, so there is no way they can see us in our entirety. So they just see parts of us. A toe, a finger, and most often the bottom of what must look like a MOUNTAIN coming down on top of them when they get stomped. I imagine the whole thing is very scary indeed. I can't even imagine their world as my own!! 

   Then it makes you wonder.. What are WE seeing?! Are we seeing everything or just bits and pieces. What if there is some giant being wearing us around it's neck in a little sphere. What we think is the sky is in fact her/his shirt. Or skin even. It can be ANYTHING! We go up in space, but who knows?! Maybe that's It's world. Maybe even THAT vastness is just the being's skin or clothing! How frightening that would be for us! 

  Of course there is no proof of this.

   But maybe there is a tiny roach trying to convince his fellow roaches that the toe is a part of a whole larger thing. A LIVING one at that! They must think he's insane! LoL! No creature could be THAT big!! 

  But here we are. Goliaths compared to them. So it's not inpossible that WE are living on some colossal being. 

  Just a thought. :)

Namaste. Peaceful blessing. _/|\_


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