Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about Wicca lately, and wondering why I left that path. Of course I know there is no ONE true path that is the end all I wonder why I left that one. I won't make this long and drawn out. I was just wondering. I've been on a Buddhist path, a Rastafari path- basically i've been everywhere, man. :)

Well anyway, I've recently gotten back NEAR my path of peace & love. Hubby & I started our little produce business. I love the work, but there are a few customers who try my patience. I mean my prices are almost GIVE AWAYS!! But they want it nearly free!! I'm like apparently I don't need to live. I don't have bills. So just please! Take ALL my product for FREE. I'll just go live in a rolled up newspaper behind MacDonalds. Long as you have your 70 oranges 4 $.50!! Fantastic! LoL!

BUT I guess my first lesson is my best lesson. People will be people. Give 'em an inch and they'll take that inch and tell you last time you gave me foot and now they want a mile. To get through life sane you have to give til it hurts... Then STOP. otherwise there is resentment. But when the evils of the world get you down, just stop... Breathe... And realize no matter how nasty others are, it does not define you. You have to chose to be angry & nasty and only hurt yourself in the end. Or be at peace... And just look at them with pity and damn near KILL they ass!! Because grimmy ass people don't know how to deal with quiet, smiling indifference. :)

blessings, with hands together. {{Thats right.. I said it at the end. :p }}


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