Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It wasn't a big deal so I wasn't planning to even post.. But it got weird. So, in my renewed interest in listening to the Universe and knowing dreams can be very useful if properly decoded, I need to keep up with this. That and it they are just getting weird.

Night before last I had an Alice in Wonderland dream, with a slight twist. There's this show called Charmed and I watch it all the time so that explains some of it, plus i've studied Wicca for some time and DEEPLY believe in many mystical forces. Ok having said that, there was this.... BEING I guess would be the word, in my house. She could shape shift and was a bit of a prankster. Well I guess not PRANKS just messing with people. She had like a short brown bob and green eyes in human form. She hated the fact that she had to be kept a secret AND We had company WHO seemed to be looking for a scandel. Anyway, she changes into this big fat ass pink cat like the one in Alice. She starts smoking this cigarette or bong or SOMETHING and starts blowing these giant smoke rings across the room. Beautiful, but not good wen you're tryin to hide her ass!!! LoL! Well anyway I distract the visitors so the didn't see the giant pink smoking grinning cat, but then she changed. She wasn't evil really but she tried to destroy the two men. Like my spell wore off and she could "see" them now and kill them. I think I woke up before I could stop her or she could kill them. All in all it was a really cool, acid trip ass dream.

Last night I had a dream that I was a doctor in the hospital for some minor thing, bit several of us had a bad reaction to the medication and were wondering around high as HELL! They'd caught everyone except me and I was wil'in out!! I was wondering and hiding and taking allergy pills. Just goin' nuts!!! And that was fun. But the part that stood out was this girl. Kind of like the one from the Alice dream catches up to me and tells me to just "listen to the rain. You gotta just listen to the rain. " And I was like "Yeah man. You gotta just listen and let it guide you. " Amd she was on her way. Simple as that.

I kept dreaming after that.... Or before I forget which. LoL! But those were some acid trip quality dreams!! Wonder what I'll dream about tonight? Can't wait to see.


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