Friday, June 19, 2009

Zen. The first post.

My new blog. Nice isn't it? :) Here is where I will be posting about life changes. I already have a blog about my fertility issues, but some of them may work their way in here too. Just like things about my locks, as all these things are LIFE.. My life, and this is Zen in the Art of Living. :)

But right now the issue is my WEIGHT. I didn't think my weight would bother me so much again. I always knew there was a chance I'd gain it back, but it bothers me. The inflexibility. The fatigue. I get tired making the BED!! So yeah, this has to end!! I know the baby takes first place in my goals. Once I get pregnant, no more dieting obviously. But exercise is fine. Basically I need to just get healthy.

So today, if I can find my tape measurer, I will be taking my weight and some measurements, and recording them. (That's right, you get to see what a fat ass I really am. :p Enjoy!! ) This isn't a pressure situation, as I don't do very well in those types of deals, but I do need to lose at least 10lbs a month. I'd love more, but I'm not really a starver and I'm not a two hour working out kinda gal. So 10 will do. Every 10 helps. Hell, at 20lbs, that's about 10% of my body weight, so that automatically increases health and stamina. :) Both very good things.

My first major goal is getting below 200lbs. I'm sure I'm at about 230 now, so I'd say the first goal is... 190? yeah, that's a good goal.

Well, enough guessing.. Let's get that weight.

Weight: 230..

That's just 15lbs less than my HEAVIEST or 245- Well, it was actually 248 on one TERRIBLY dark day in my life.. My lightest was a sickly 119. (I'm 5'7" and BLACK.. OK, I had no business weighing 119.. But I have no business weighing 230 either!! LoL..)


Bust: 42

And just as a little easter egg, my thighs.... 28"!!!! Them some BIG thighs!! I mean, my waist use to be 28"!! That sucks, but I'm not gonna let it get me down. This has to be an encouragement. I mean, I didn't think I was morbidly obese, but I guess I am.. It's just spread out so evenly, I look like a regular heavy set person. But those measurements are entirely too big.. I guess when I moved up to stretch pants, that should have been my clue. O_O

So let's see if we can't knock that 40lbs off real quick. Well, not TOO quick, but pretty quick. I can't touch that 245 again. I said I'd never get that fat again, and dammit I will not.. (Of course if I get pregnant, I MIGHT, but they say you only have to gain 15lbs if you're obese, so if I can just knock off a good 20 before I get pregnant, that will be helpful. If not, I ain't putting the baby on hold, so be it. But I do need to at least knock that 20 off first. We'll see what comes first.. Weight loss.. Or baby.. (I'm hoping baby is getting fertilized NOW. :p )

This should be interesting. :)

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