Sunday, May 22, 2011


As you may or may not know, I am completely loose haired now. I cut the last of the locs off last night. And I kinda botched the cut part.. I'm ok, and it's workable.. But my husband's reaction got me to thinking... (That's in my other blog here.)

Why kick a person when they're down? Lots of folks seem to enjoy doing it too.. I think I'm missing the point.. Or SOMETHING. I was just not born with a need to shoot a dead horse as it were. I mean, I'm not holier than THOU, as DH often puts it. But I do know that the right thing to do is try to make a person feel better when they are feeling down.. Not make them feel worse. Worst case scenerio, I'll help them come up with a solution while making what they are upset about not seem so bad.. That's the not only Christian/Muslim/Jewish- SPIRITUAL thing to do.. But the right thing to do. I mean, that's just what is SUPPOSED to be preprogrammed into our souls.. Into our very being to help a person in trouble.. But somewhere along the line, that became the stupid thing to do.. Let's just kick em when they're down. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

You see it all the time. A person who MAY have been high on the horse- or so you thought. Get's repremanded at work or loses their job, or home or car or whatever.. And people start being really mean to them about it. "That's what you get!" and "Serves her/him right." Now if the person was a jerk, it's still wrong to do that, but I feel ya.. I've been there. But never have I rubbed it in their faces when they are down. First I hate to see people cry. I hate to see suffering. Why in a world like this? I really don't know.. Good home training I guess. (Thanks Mom!)

Well, I am married to someone who loves to rub it in.. And I mean RUB IT IN DEEP.. Like, if you fell into a pool of lemon juice and broken glass as soon as you get out he'd sprinkle you with salt. Sometimes he borders on cruel.. At least with me.. Maybe he wants me to be tougher... No.... Because when I turn the tables (which I hate to do, but sometimes it does feel good when someone is really laying into you.) he gets mad.. So maybe he just wants me to use it on others.. Pass the pain. I can't... Sorry.. Maybe he wants to turn me away from others so I'll just turn to him... But when I do, if it's not what he wants to hear or talk about he gets mad... And makes me feel worse... So I just don't know.. Maybe he's been hurt so many times that he just has to hurt someone else.. And I'm the only one that won't bust a cap in his ass.. A safe place to pass pain..

Well, it's good he's getting his therapy.. But I'm suffering because of it. But then that really doesn't matter as long as he's happy I guess.. And in the end he's not happy either.. So why keep doing it. Maybe if he made me feel good, I'd make him feel great...

Which brings me to the lesson of the day, so to speak...

First don't say something because it's easy and obvious. Especially if it hurts others. Don't say mean things cause you can, or cause it will draw attention away from your flaws. In the end it just makes you look like an asshole.

If a person is feeling down, don't tell them how it's their fault that things are going wrong.. It doesn't help.

If your worse enemy loses their job, their home, their kids, their dog, husband/wife... Don't gloat. Justice has been served.. There's nothing left to be said. I have something I can pick on a few people about, but I don't. And I am not that awesome.. It just doesn't need to be told or said.

Think before you speak or act. Compassion should be your first goal. Not revenge. Before you seek revenge, consider this.. Just stay away from enemies.. Your hatred doesn't hurt them, it only hurts YOU.. And if it DOES hurt them... It's still just not worth the energy.

Be well, And blessed...


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